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Alexandra Muñoz Menéndez

Hello! Thank you being here, with me, and for giving me the opportunity to let you know how I can support you in changing the direction of your life. The fact that you have found me, and spent time browsing through the site, in this abyss of websites, is not an accident nor a coincidence. This is a great first step towards your transformation, and I am here to guide you through the rest of the journey. I look forward to carrying on in this journey, with you, helping you reach your full potential and lead a satisfying life.”

About Niki

Niki is a Certified RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy™) Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Life Coach, with a background in education and over 20-year experience in teaching.

She began her RTT studies with Marisa Peer in 2019 after not finding all the answers she needed, as someone diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, through traditional therapy practices.

Niki is an empathetic, compassionate, and a dedicated professional who has since helped people of all ages and backgrounds overcome various limiting beliefs and habits to go forward in life with a clearer understanding of the root cause of their issues, gain confidence to take strides toward their dreams and set and achieve personal records in business, sports, and life. She has a deep understanding of how the power of the brain, the words we pronounce and the perception we have about ourselves have a powerful and prevailing impact on our behaviour and our bodies.

Born in Greece, Niki travelled and lived in several countries around the world, until she moved to Portugal in 2007, where she has been living since with her two children. Previous to RTT, Niki has been working as a Modern Foreign Languages teacher and a Holistic Life Coach helping mainly women to regain their confidence and empowering them to set and achieve goals and realise their full potential.

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to book a consultation call. Appointments may be held at private business or sport locations around the Lisbon district, online, or by appointment at her home in Torres Vedras, in the Lisbon district. Insurance provided by The Association of Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH).


  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (RTT ®)
  • Life and Happiness Coach, Transformation Academy
  • MA in Applied Linguistics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
  • PGCE in Education, University of Cardiff, UK
  • PGCE in MFL, University of Dundee, UK
  • BA (Double Honours) in MFL, University of Manchester, UK